• Transverse Double End Tenoner

    Transverse series is mainly used in the forming processing of plate's short side, our company transverse double end tenoner have DTX and DTS series,they are light-duty double end tenoner machine, they have high efficiency and strong practicablility, it;s an economical model machine suitable for the medium and small-size enterprises,This model machine has been enthusiastically welcomed and favored by the customers immeditately since it was firstly released; Main model; DTX15-8D,DTS15-10D,DTS25-12D and so on.

  • Longitudinal double End Tenoner

    Longitudinal double end tenoner is mainly used in the forming processing of the long side of plate, main model:LT(K) ,dtls and DTE series.
    LT seris longitudingal monorail double end tenoner is mainly used in the forming processing of the long side of laminated flooring and multi-layer solid wood composite flooring, As monorail features in good stability and small working width, etc,Main model:LT01-8D,LT01-10D, and LTK01-10D,etc.

  • Automtic production line usr for flooring

    Production flow:Forklift---Automatic hydraulic lift platform---vacuum sucking--- Location roller conveyor---Transverse three multi rip saw---steering roller conveyor---Longitudinal multi rip saw---Toller conveyor---Steering belt conveyor---Belt separator with slope---Turn over machine---storage board belt conveyor---Location belt conveyor---Longitudinal DET---Transitional belt conveyor---Transverse DET---Turn over machine...

  • Laminate flooring DET production line

    New type laminate flooring double end tenoner production line Hotjin FPR,the whole line adopts automatic operation , the main machine is track-through type with highly intensive U-shaped guide rail, which ensures the iprational linearity an the synchronicity of double rails.

  • Suzhou Hotjin Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.

    SuZhou HotJin Precision Machinery Co.,LTD. Is an enterprise mainly engaged in the production and sales of woodworking machinery,building materials machinery and relevant products.
    HotJin,equipped with laminate floor production line and bamboowood,solid wood parquet floor production line and many years' production experience,plus its advanced techonlogy as well as exclusive design techniques,has gained well elevation in the same industry.

  • Transverse Double End Tenoner
  • Longitudinal Double End Tenoner
  • HJC Series Multi Rip Saw
  • Laminated Flooring DET Production Line
  • Automatic production line use for flooring
  • Solid Wood Parquet Flooring DET Production Line
  • LVT (PVC) Flooring production Line
  • Fibre Cement Panel Production Line
  • The other Production Line
  • Peripheral Machine
  • Double end tenoner for Threespine click furniture
  • Fishbone flooring double end tenoner
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